Get Started with the Carb Light Living™ Program

May 22, 2014:  The CLL program™ presented here is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical or nutritional advice, it is provided as an original and unique model for losing weight by enjoying the foods you love . You assume full responsibility for how you choose to use this information. As always, seek the advice of your physician or other qualified healthcare provider before starting any new weight loss program.
Step 1: Find your ideal daily calorie intake total for weight loss – how many calories should you consume a day? This number depends on a number of factors including your level of physical activity, metabolism, and gender. You will need to find this number prior to moving to Step 2 where you will chose your individual carbohydrate intake level total to match the calorie figure chosen. offers a free online calorie calculator which recommends a calorie target. Once you answer the questions, the online calculator will ask you to enter a goal date –  or you can leave the goal date blank to have one automatically selected for you.  Note:  if the goal date is too aggressive, the online calculator will modify your selected date to allow you to lose a maximum of 2 pounds per week.

If you choose your own goal date, do not go to extremes!  Generally, women should not consume any less than 1,200 calories per day, and men should not consume less than 1,500 calories per day.

Step 2: Find your desired CARB LEVEL intake using the Carb Light Living™ Carb Chart below, based on your calorie target, as determined in Step 1. You have 3 options with each calorie total.

For instance if you are following a 1200 calorie program, you can chose to consume a total of 60 carbs per day for a more extreme rate of weight loss, 90 carbs for a more moderate rate of weight loss or 114 carbs for a slower rate of weight loss. The amount of weight you lose per week on a low-carb diet primarily depends on how your carb consumption compares to your carb expenditure. It takes a deficit of 3,500 calories to lose 1 lb. of body fat or 875 grams of carbohydrate. states:  “You can burn an extra 3,500 calories per week through exercise and eating less food. This would result in one pound of weight loss per week. Cut your carbohydrate intake by about 400 grams per week or 60 grams per day. This would account for half of the 3,500 caloric deficiency you are trying to create. Use exercise to burn off the other half over the course of the week.”

To be successful on any of the following paths, be sure to know the low carb foods – and especially become familiar with the low carb non-starchy vegetable options.  Click the Know Your Carbs link for more information.  Remember:  this is NOT A LINEAR chart.  You don’t begin at EXTREME Fat Burn because it’s first.  Some people do well on the EXTREME and some folks sustain consistent weight loss following the MODERATE and SLOWER Fat Burn carb amounts. If you do begin with EXTREME, I don’t recommend staying on it for for more than a couple weeks.


Step 3: Visualize.  We have created the CLL Success Wheel™ which you can customize and hang on your wall or refrigerator to show the Daily Total Carbs you have chosen to consume at your personal calorie level.

Step 4. Find a sample menu below that fits your lifestyle and eating preferences. You will also be able to customize your own.

  1. Low Carb On-the-Go Menu – how to eat healthy while on the road
  2. Low Carb Sandwich Dieting – don’t want to give up rolls?
  3. Low Carb College Menu – eat right on campus
  4. Low Carb Protein Emphasis Menu – if you really like meats, eggs and cheese
  5. Low Carb Green Focused Menu – veggie and grain emphasis
  6. Customize Your Own Menu – coming soon