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The “Shrinking Man” Reaches First Milestone WEEKS AHEAD OF SCHEDULE!

September 20,  2011 Gary reached his FIRST milestone this morning, weighing in at 190.6 pounds! This is ironic because last night he went to the Phillies Game with his friend and colleague, Ed Meakim, who was excited because it was Hatfield Franks Dollar Dog Night.  I suggested to Gary that he get Campo’s Vegan Cheesesteak with “the works” […]

Shrinking Man

The “Shrinking Man” is actually Gary Mercer. He started on a very low carb diet prescribed by his nutritionist. Check out this page for the daily weigh ins. He started September 7th and as of today, September 19th, he is down 12 pounds – that just 12 days! Here are some “before” pictures: The program […]