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February 13, 2012  Place your order at DIXIEDINER.COM and enter Coupon Code #30OFF at checkout.  Limit one coupon per organization or individual. This offer expires June 1, 2012! See some of Shrinking Man’s fav Dixie Diner desserts – simply type “dixie” in the search box. Dixie USA and Carb Light Living™ partnered to offer […]

Dixie Diners Club Protein Power™ Blueberry Cream Muffin Mix – 5 Carb Breakfast!

February 9, 2012 Yesterday, I was delighted to find a perfectly ripe Red Caribbean Papaya from Trader Joe’s, so this morning I felt like a taste of the Caribbean! I cut the papaya in half, scooped out the seeds, cut it into small wedges and placed them in a plastic container in the refrigerator for easy snacking.  Papaya is a wonderful low […]

Dixie Diners’ Club Yellow Cake & Cream Cheese Frosting… Just 5 Carbs a Square!

February 8, 2012 I whipped this up last night in less than 15 minutes!  In addition to the mix (buy it Monday with the coupon – see below), you just need 4 large, extra large or jumbo eggs, 1/4 cup sour cream, 1/4 cup softened butter and 2/3 cup water.  It bakes in 20 minutes! […]

BOSTON CREAM PIE! Just 13 Total Carbs and 193 Calories for a HUGE Slice!

Dixie Diner’s Boston Cream Pie is our favorite Dixie Diner Dessert! Makes 9 HUGE servings!  Order yours today! The package contains 3 bags.   You will need to add: Cake Layers:  4 large or extra large eggs, 1/4 cup sour cream, 1/4 cup softened butter, and 2/3 cup water Filling Layer: 1/2 cup cream and cold water […]

Eggs Again? Bring on the Apples…

November 26, 2011 Change it up with Apple Cinnamon Low Carb Instant Hot Cereal at just 3 net carbs! This is a great alternative with a tasty combination of wholesome oats and soy.  I make it with water and then add Unsweetened Almond or Unsweetened Coconut Milk. With 2 carbs to spare using the 5 x […]

Squashabilities! Salad, Entree, Dessert = 5 net carbs!

November 9, 2011 This was tonight’s dinner – a colorful and delightful array of 2 kinds of squash and another Fall fav – the apple! It’s this easy to duplicate! 1.  Look up Pumpkin Vinaigrette for this easy salad dressing. 2. Prepare the spaghetti squash and top with 1/2 cup of Rao’s Vodka Sauce.  (You can […]

You Can Have Your Cake and Eat It Too!

October 20, 2011 It’s unimaginable – enjoying delicious cakes, pies, muffins, cookies, ice cream and more on a low carb diet!  I kid you not!  We are enjoying desserts with just 2 to 5 net carbs per serving!    A nice size portion of German Chocolate Snackin’ Cake is JUST 2 NET CARBS!  Read on! According to the […]

Thursday Lunches

October 13, 2011 I have had the pleasure of sharing a Carb Light Living (CLL) Lunch with Joann every Thursday for the past three weeks. Our menus are better than we can get in a restaurant!  We share lots of tips, trick and recipes to help keep us motivated on our Carb Light Living weight […]

Low-Carb Protein Shakes – an anytime snack with only 2-3 net carbs!

October 4, 2011 Feeling hungry in between meals? Enjoy a low-carb protein shake ANYTIME on this Very Low Carb Plan. Wegmans has 3 different flavors of shakes: Vanilla has 2 carbs Chocolate has 1 carb Strawberry has 2 carbs Make it rich and creamy with either 1 cup of Unsweetened Almond Milk (Pure Almond brand pictured […]

Almond Ricotta Creme – Not Just for Dessert!

September 29, 2011 My daughter found this recipe and she made it for dessert last night. It was wonderful! If you enjoy ricotta cheese, you will love the subtle and elegant flavor that the almond extract adds. The recipe below contains 7 carbs but I found a 4 carb whole milk ricotta at Trader Joes. […]