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Low Carb Lows – and Highs…

Good morning friends, As hard as it is, I hope everyone is managing to keep their weight in check during these times of holiday temptations.  We haven’t been!  It’s not that we splurged on the extraordinary Spaghetti and Crab Dinner that Bob cooked up last night.  Oh no – it was the picking – and […]

Hot new tip from Bob LaRosa!

November 23, 2012 Bob made a great discovery!  Yesterday, on Thanksgiving,  Bob found that he could treat himself to Vegetable Thins – a product of Nabisco. “21 crackers per serving = 19 Carbs. So I will have 10-11 today with the pepperoni, various cheeses, celery sticks and onion dip and consume no more than 10 […]