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2 Weight Loss Authors Put Their Own Programs to the BIG TEST – Do They Work?

September 3, 2013 Here we are – two over-fed weight loss authors and our spouses: myself (author of Carb Light Living’s™ Top 5 Low Carb Recipes) and Steve Kalt (author of Positively Thin – available soon on Amazon). When you write about food, you talk about food – and lament about food – especially when too much of […]

AVAILABLE NOW! Unique Low Carb & Gluten Free recipes including pancakes, lasagna, & pies!

Get our Top 5 Carb Light Living™ recipes that work on low-carb & gluten-free diets. Available NOW via Amazon in PRINT and on Kindle! The Top 5 Low Carb Recipes (also gluten-free) presented by Carb Light Living™ is a unique and flavorful collection of five satisfying and slimming low-carb makeovers of some of American’s favorite […]