June 16, 2015

Vanilla Pancakes FUNNEL CAKE! That best describes the lovely aroma of these delicious HIGH PROTEIN panakes that use the BEST tasting protein powder – and which is full of SUPERFOOD Nutrition! We’re talking 14 grams of high quality protein in 2.5 pancakes!
The first 3 people to sign up as a RETAIL or LOYAL customer to get the CREAMY VANILLA PROFIT Protein Powder to make these delicious pancakes will get a FREE box of the HODGSON MILL BUCKWHEAT Pancake Mix!!
Click link for recipe!
Want to buy the Creamy Vanilla Protein Powder?
Enter my website directly into your address bar: http://jmercer.myitworks. com (make sure to enter with no spaces) and click on SHOP! You can sign up as a RETAIL customer or a LOYAL (LC) customer. If you sign up as a LC you will need to sign up for 3 months, and that entitles you to get 40% off the retail price plus FREE shipping after 3 months! It makes a big difference! For instance, as an LC, you can get the 30 serving package of CREAMY VANILLA ULTIMATE PROFIT® at 40% off or $69! You can also order it as a RETAIL customer for $115 without signing up for the 3 month minimum.
*You can also order BY PHONE! Use my ID# 5790557 and call Customer Service and they will do all the work for you! Here isthe It Works! Customer Service #: 800-537-2395



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