Radio Show Highly Successful as Listeners Learn about the Carb Light Living™ Program!

The Carb Light Living Team™ received many enthusiastic and appreciative calls, emails and texts following the WCHE1520AM radio interview with talk show host Libby Mills.  Libby is a nationally recognized registered dietitian and hosts a weekly show called “Libby’s Luncheonette” which broadcasts on WCHE1520AM every Monday at 12:15 pm.

Radio Interview on Libby's Luncheonette 4-8-13

If you missed the interview and would like to hear how to make an easy and lasting change to your eating plan and shed those pesky pounds for good, simply click on this link to the WCHE radio show.

Move the bar to the 14:00 mark to begin the Sandwich Dieting portion. 

A special shout–out to West Chester University! All three of the Carb Light Living™ team members hail from this notable learning institution!  Emsley Willingham is a current nutrition student, Christine Cummins is a recent graduate of the nutrition program, and I am an alumna.

See the previous post dated April 4th  for additional details.



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