Low Carb Lows – and Highs…

Good morning friends,
As hard as it is, I hope everyone is managing to keep their weight in check during these times of holiday temptations.  We haven’t been!  It’s not that we splurged on the extraordinary Spaghetti and Crab Dinner that Bob cooked up last night.  Oh no – it was the picking – and the nibbling – followed by the blatant eating of desserts!  We only fooled ourselves as we thought we could live outside our “carb number” and not pack on pounds.  It was our own wrong thinking that was the culprit.  I am up 2.5 pounds and Gary is up triple that!  I could have easily gained more, but I did find some restraint and ate just one of those delicious red velvet cupcakes from Bakers of Buffington to Gary’s two.  Oh, and then there was our recent super splurge of Hershey candy while at a weekend visit to Hershey Park and Chocolate World !

However, we are all human – and we are all learning low carb together.  Keeping our weight where we want it when sugar laden desserts are beckoning you – outright glaring at you – is hard but not impossible to do.

I am happy to announce that Gary and I are back on track!  We will once again be slimmed down and feeling good about ourselves. Come on holiday sugar laden food – we’re ready!  Sugar is not going to take away our good feelings – or rob us of living longer and healthier lives!

I want to end this post on a super motivating message about our low carb friend, Bob LaRosa. Bob is an amazing testament to how well this program works!  After losing 34 pounds, his weight loss came to a pause for a little while.  He persevered and all of a sudden – down 2 more!  Woohoo!

Finally, a heartfelt thanks to all of you for giving me the opportunity to keep moving forward with this program, and providing me with the material to learn and experience the many complexities, challenges as well as the resilience and triumphs of human behavior.  Joann

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