March 17, 2012

ONCE AGAIN, ENJOY THE HAMBURGER – an ALL-AMERICAN staple you CAN have on the Carb Light Living™ Program. Pictured here is the cheeseburger that we enjoy many times each week!  Place your roll and bread order by visiting and get a 10% savings on your entire order!  Get the pizzas too!  Click here to find out about the fabulous personal pan pizzas from

Go to: to order the O carb hamburger roll and save 10% on your FIRST time order with!  Simply add “CLL” (a Carb Light Living™ exclusive offer) in the coupon code box at check out.  Stock up – try all the delicious bread products from the  Health Wise and Health Express lines via and save 10%.
Follow these steps when ordering to get your 10%!
  1. Register on as a new customer and it will open the profile page.
  2. Fill in the profile page as a new customer or go to My Account and put in your address.
  3. Select the roll, and any additional items sold by – you get 10% off everything!
  4. Put in discount code “CLL” and you will see the 10% deducted from the total.
  5. NOTE:  Choose Ground Mail.  It’s much cheaper.  If you purchase 1 pack of rolls, the rate is $11.66 and if you choose 6 of the same product, they price is only $15.07.  
Here’s a picture of Mr. and Mrs. Shrinking Man’s bread order which arrived yesterday, March 16th!

Carb Light Living™ Tip: When I receive my bread order, I freeze it and take it out as needed.


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