Please Welcome Our New Team Members!

March 1, 2012

Please welcome Emsley Willingham and Christine Cummins, who joined the Carb Light Living™ Team Internship Program just two weeks ago.  You can send them a message under their Carb Light Living™ Facebook recipes: Emsley’s Kale Chips and Christine’s Pizza Bagel or just comment on their posts on the Carb Light Living™ website.  Hearing from all of you really makes us feel good, and when we feel good we get even better at what we do!  Everybody wins!

Emsley and Christine attend West Chester University in West Chester, PA – my alma mater, which makes this extra special for me. As nutrition majors, they are super excited to share their recipes!  They submitted their first recipes yesterday – after a brief 15 minute “how to tutorial” with our brilliant web developer, Amy Pospiech, owner of Color & Code LLC.

I love their youthful, refreshing ideas!  It’s also very energizing and stimulating to work with young people.  They are so creative and so eager to learn – and that’s a great benefit to me.

Look for more recipes from these nutrition students in the weeks to come!

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