Squashabilities! Salad, Entree, Dessert = 5 net carbs!

November 9, 2011

This was tonight’s dinner – a colorful and delightful array of 2 kinds of squash and another Fall fav – the apple!

It’s this easy to duplicate!

1.  Look up Pumpkin Vinaigrette for this easy salad dressing.

2. Prepare the spaghetti squash and top with 1/2 cup of Rao’s Vodka Sauce.  (You can bake, boil, steam or microwave a spaghetti squash. I prefer the steam method.  Place a steamer basket inside a large pot.  Add just enough water to reach the steamer.  You will need to add additional water during the cooking process as the  water evaporates so check often. Steam approximately 40 minutes or until a fork easily pierces the flesh.  Scoop out seeds and remove the veggie spaghetti).

3.  Order Dixie Diner’s easy Applesauce Snackin’ Cake.  This makes 9 servings with just 2 net carbs each!



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