Back to the Future! Sliding Down the “80’s” on the Bathroom Scale!

October 19, 2011

Shrinking Man saw 185 this morning – that is a solid 185.0!  This is yet another amazing milestone in Gary’s quest to reach 175 by Christmas!

Gary’s nutritionist is so proud of him – and I am too! She said that many people start to drop off at this point, some five weeks into the program, as they tire of the same monotonous meals like chicken and vegetables every night.  That’s why it’s so important to follow the tips and recipes on

What continues to amaze me is how Gary continues to lose weight and without exercise – how unfair!  He wants to exercise but lacks the motivation.  So, we put a flat screen television in the basement and I contacted our cable company to add an upgraded channel package.

Now, I am on a mission to purchase either a treadmill or an  elliptical trainer. I did some research and found a great tip – do what you enjoy doing!  How simple is that!  I include this excerpt from

Many of us buy things or do things because of others. For example, your friend says, “I started jogging and I lost 10 lbs!” Meanwhile, you loathe jogging. There is no perfect exercise. One activity is as good as another, providing that you enjoy it. The more you like something, the more often you’ll do it and the harder you’ll work. Try to stay in line with your fitness personality. If you like no-impact activities, try an elliptical trainer or bike.

We found the 10 question fitness personality quiz mentioned above very helpful.

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