Can’t Wait To Get on the Scale Tomorrow! Lost 6 pounds in 5 days!

“Can’t Wait To Get on the Scale Tomorrow!” is a direct quote from Jean G.  Jean just started this program on Sunday, September 18th, and she can’t believe the results!  Jean used other weight loss programs alongside her usual workout regiment, but  never before has she seen such truly dramatic changes.

What is most unbelievable to Jean is that in other programs where she lost 6 pounds and was at the same weight she is now, there is now a significant difference – her midsection is down significantly!  What Jean also likes about this program is that the weight seems to come off uniformly – no gaunt looking face this time, no chicken legs and big stomach.

“Literally, the fat has melted from my mid section!” declares Jean.

Jean is wearing shirts that she hasn’t worn in years because she feels good about her flat stomach!  She is no longer insecure.   Having a flat stomach makes her feel good about herself and we all know this leads to a happier outlook.

Results like this are commonplace if you follow the program!

Jean’s ultimate weight loss goal is to take off another 10 pounds which would be 135 – and she is 5’6.  To be continued.

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