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Daily Meal Plans: College Menu

Being in college doesn’t mean you have to eat poorly. In fact, it’s very possible to find healthy dining options on campus so you can lose the “freshman 15″ without starving yourself. After all, your body needs to be nourished for you to focus in class, pull all-nighters before an exam, and then go out and celebrate afterwards.

The menus below were developed based on food available at the West Chester University campus in Pennsylvania. You can create similar menus for your own campus based on this sample.

Please note: the original program has been modified and the daily allowances for carbs have increased from the numbers featured below (check updated carb chart here). So, you may use the following menus as a guide, but remember you may add a bit more food of your own choice to complete your daily meal plan.

Sample menu for a 1200 calorie low-carb day on campus.

Sample menu for a 1200 calorie low-carb day on campus.

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